Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Couple of Reviews Soon!

Hello polish lovers! I am sorry I don't give my blog much lovin'. I find it easier (and quicker) to just post directly to my facebook page. So if you want to see the most recent mani's I have done go to my page Munia's Nails!

In the near future though, I WILL have a Shimmer Polish review AND a Darling Diva Polish review so stay tuned. I am trying my hardest to get back into posting on my blog but it is such a pain due to needing to be on my computer to do it how I want because the app on my iPhone sucks!! I can't change the pic size or anything. It's a "one size" thing. Sucks. Anyway, I am nearly done reviewing the polishes. I had a little health set back last week, but I am good now and back to polishing!

Again, if you want to see any more recent mani's, please go to Munia's Nails on facebook. I will try to play catch up here for those of you who do not have a facebook account, but it may take a little while. Thanks for sticking with me. You all are the best!

P.S. Giveaway - Layla Hologram Effect Collection at Nails by Kayla Shevonne

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Had to do this for Bloglovn'... more posts soon though. I have had a bit of a rough spot in life and stopped posting for a while, but now I am getting back into it thanks to my friend Jennifer at Jen's Nail Files! If you go visit her facebook page, make sure you "like" it! She is the BEST!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Review and Swatches

My lovelies!!! I am sorry it's been a while yet again!! Life is so busy ALL the time it seems!! However, I am here and posting some GREAT swatches!

I'd like to first thank Darling Diva Polish for letting me review some of her polishes! They are fabulous!

First off is Release the Kraken V2. There are 2 versions of this, hence the V2 in the name. A friend of mine over at Jen's Nail Files on Facebook reviewed Release the Kraken which is the first version! It was one fabulously! No fishing for glitter! This is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE polishes EVER and that is saying a lot considering I am not a glitter person normally! This polish has got me hooked on white jelly based glitters that are not glitter bombs. I don't like glitter bombs all too well. So here are the pictures! This is 2 coats of RTKV2 over a white base.

I know some of you are squimish about pedicures but I loved how RTKV2 looked on my toes and I had to share!

 This next one is called Sophia. It's a beautiful blue glitter with a blue jelly base. It's a very subtle blue jelly base. It also has bigger holographic hex glitter but those were so far down no amount of shaking could get them up :( I fished and fished and got nothing :( Sorry DDP, but it's true. I forget what I layered it over. It's a light pink though :) Other then the bigger glitters not coming out this went on nicely and would be great by itself too!

Now, last but certainly not the least is Too Schmexxxy. This is a fabulous multi shaped holographic glitter polish with a clear base! It has heart, moons, stars, diamonds, hexs and squares! There may be more I am missing too!! Who knows?!?! It's awesome though! I layered it over Sation Oh My Oceania! Isn't it pretty :) Minor fishing but not too bad at all otherwise!

If you are interested in purchasing some Darling Diva Polishes, you can buy them at her Etsy store here! She has fabulous colors!!

Thank you for reading and I hope y'all enjoyed the review and swatches! Now, click that link and go buy some so I can see YOUR swatches!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

So October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! I have a Halloween challenge I am trying to do so I decided that in between Halloween manis I would do breast cancer awareness manis. I hope that a lot of you will follow and wear pink at least to help raise awareness. I have been a breast cancer awareness supporter for many years and I can't donate a lot of money so I help raise awareness the best I can! So please, help me raise awareness! Thank you!

Base is OPI Sparrow Me the Drama and the ribbons are done with BM stamping plate 321 and the polish color is OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello my fabulous followers! I haven't posted in so long! My apologies! I've been so unmotivated lately, but I have done some manis and I want to get them up here for y'all to see! I will post 3 manis this time and 3 again soon. Hopefully not 2 months later though!

So this first mani is a GORGEOUS color! OPI La Boheme! I absolutely LOVE this color!! OPI is my fav brand so I have nothing bad to say about this polish! The color is great and the formula is great! I know a lot of people think OPI is too runny but I like my polish that way. I can't stand it all thick :/. Anyway here's the pretty polish!

The second mani I have for you is China Glaze Liquid Leather and Hits Phenomenon Moonbow! This combo is stunning! I plan on trying Moonbow with other darker colors but I wanted to see it over black in person! Liquid Leather is ok. It's a 2 coated black (for me anyway) and I much prefer 1 coaters. Moonbow went on nicely and I didn't think I'd like it all that much because I am NOT a glitter person at all! I may do more glitters since I know of the glue method now! I should try it soon!

Number 3 is my cow mani (third pic down)! Base is Cheri American Beauty, the black spots are Cheri Black, the pink is an SC color but I can't remember the name right off. Sorry :(! Anyway, I decided to do cows because I had gone to my Uncle's ranch in northern California for a few days. My Uncle works with cows (not Holstein cows but cows nonetheless), and horses but I figured cows would be easier to do lol!

Whatcha think?! Has anyone ever tried cows before? What's you fav base for Moonbow?!